Understanding the Process of Enclosed Car Transport: What You Need to Know

Understanding the Process of Enclosed Car Transport: What You Need to Know

Enclosed car transport is a specialized service that is used to transport high-value, luxury, or classic vehicles. This process involves the use of enclosed trailers to ship these types of vehicles. This provides them with protection from outside elements and damage during transit.

In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know about the process of enclosed car transport.

Protection and Safety

Enclosed trailers are fully covered. This protects your vehicle from potential damage caused by weather conditions.

This includes rain, snow, or extreme temperatures. This can be particularly beneficial for classic or vintage cars that are more susceptible to damage from outside elements.

Moreover, enclosed trailers are equipped with advanced security features such as GPS tracking. This will ensure the safe and secure transport of your vehicle from start to finish.


The cost of enclosed car transport may be higher compared to open carriers. This is due to the added protection and specialized services offered. But, it is important to consider the value of your vehicle and the potential risks involved in open carrier transport.

The cost may also depend on the distance and route of your transport. For instance, Georgia to Texas enclosed car transport may be more expensive compared to a shorter distance within the same state.

The type of trailer and extra services selected may also be a factor. It is important to discuss all costs and options with the transport company beforehand.

Types of Vehicles

Enclosed car transport is used for high-value, luxury, or classic vehicles. This includes sports cars, vintage cars, and even motorcycles.

But, it can also be used for other types of vehicles that need extra protection. This can include race cars or show cars. It may also be an option for owners who want to ensure the safety of their everyday vehicles during extreme weather

Pickup and Delivery Process

The pickup and delivery process for enclosed car transport is like that of open carriers. However, since the vehicle will be loaded into an enclosed trailer, there may be extra steps involved.

For instance, the driver may need to secure your vehicle using specialized equipment such as soft tie-down straps or wheel nets. This ensures that your vehicle is secured and protected during transit.

Transit Times

The timelines for enclosed car transport can vary depending on the distance, route, and other factors such as weather conditions. It is important to discuss the estimated timeline with your chosen transport company beforehand.

In general, enclosed car transport may take longer compared to open carriers due to additional steps involved in loading and unloading the vehicle. However, this extra time is worth it for the added protection and safety of your vehicle.

Insurance Coverage

Ensure that the transport company you hire has adequate insurance coverage. This will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is protected in case of any damages during transit.

Make sure to ask for proof of insurance and read through their policies before finalizing the transport. You may also want to consider purchasing additional insurance coverage for added protection.

Explore the Process of Enclosed Car Transport with this Guide

Enclosed car transport provides superior protection and safety for classic vehicles. It may come at a higher cost compared to open carriers, but it is worth considering for the peace of mind and added security it offers. Make sure to discuss all aspects of the process with your chosen transport company to ensure a smooth and successful transport of your vehicle.

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