Understanding the Duration of LSD Effects: A Comprehensive Guide

Understanding the Duration of LSD Effects: A Comprehensive Guide

Society is always changing, and as a parent or family member at-risk this can be a really scary prospect. One unfortunate and ongoing problem society has to deal with is the issue of drug abuse. While some drugs are being investigated for medicinal purposes, many other illicit uses are of concern to those with kids or teens.

LSD, or lysergic acid diethylamide is a powerful hallucinogenic substance. Its persistence has remained steady for the past fifty years as a recreational substance, however recently it has gone under a renaissance of research. 

As such a common substance in society today, many have the question, “how long does LSD last?” This is why this piece has been written.

What is LSD?

LSD is an illicit substance, or drug, that when taken produces strong physical and mental effects. Its psychedelic nature was realized in the 1940’s, but it wasn’t until the 1960’s that the drug became popular in the recreational drug community. It is synthesized from the ergot fungus. The chemistry of LSD interacts with the brain in such a way that it results in hallucinations, impact your emotions by making you feel very happy (euphoric), or hear things that may not be present. For many individuals, feelings and thoughts might become distorted. 

How Is LSD Consumed?

LSD can appear in many different forms. Historically, LSD appeared on paper “blotters”, which were placed in the mouth until dissolving. Over time, the method of use has changed however. One of the more common ways LSD is now liquid drops. Some use this “dropper” as a means to measure or “dose”. Another less common method is consuming it in a powder. As with any illicit substance, serious pause should be given before using this substance as there carries a serious risk of a drug cross-contamination that could prove fatal.

How Long Does LSD Take to Kick In?

You likely arrived here by searching for “How long does LSD last?” The length of time, or onset of action, for LSD depends on several different things. Most people begin to feel the effects of orally-administered LSD within 20-45 minutes. While less common, some people may not begin to feel the effects for up to 90 minutes. It depends on many different variables like your genetics, weight, or the amount of LSD you’ve consumed. 

How Long Do the Effects of LSD Last?

LSD is among the more potent recreational drugs. Because each body is different, the length of the effects of the drug may also vary. Unlike some other substances, LSD is a very long-lasting drug. Usually, the effects of LSD can last for up to ten hours. During that time, the effects often appear in “waves”, beginning to peak nearly one hour after they begin

The Take Away – LSD is a Powerful Substance 

As with any recreational drug, it’s always crucial to stay informed on the dangers and risks behind these substances. As an illicit drug, LSD has been used recreationally for over a half a century. Its physical appearance can differ depending on how it’s intended to be consumed. For example, liquid “droppers” exist for oral use, as well as crystalline or “powder” LSD that is insufflated, or “snorted”. People curious about “how long does LSD last?” should know that it depends on the individual, but it can last for up to ten hours. 

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