The Rarity Factor: Key Dates And Varieties In The 50-Piece Morgan Dollar Set

The Rarity Factor: Key Dates And Varieties In The 50-Piece Morgan Dollar Set

Collecting the 50-piece Morgan Dollar Set will be fulfilling not only for beginners in collections but also for experienced numismatists. From 1878 to 1921, these eye-catching silver dollars not only played the role of money but also provided a historical and cultural look into the currency of the United States. 

To further deepen your appreciation the following analysis of the key dates and varieties in the complete set of fifty Morgan Dollars will enrich the worth of this marvelous set.

Key Dates

The collection of Morgan Dollars becomes very important when assembling the 50 piece Morgan dollar set, with special importance given to key date coins to consider the worth of the set. Many collectors are interested in pieces like the 1893-S Morgan Dollar. It was sold with a low mintage of 100,000, and it is most frequently the most valuable coin in the set. 

Other important key coins include the 1889-CC Morgan Dollar, which was produced in Carson City, Nevada. The CC is always a favorite among collectors because of its scarcity and the general appreciation for Carson City coins. When chasing the factors associated with these dates, one should expect to pay a pretty penny because the rarity and the quality of the dates factor heavily into their value.


The existent varieties within the 50 piece Morgan dollar set make it easier for you to have a set with a certain level of mystery about it that no other set can replicate. Morgan Dollar is available in a number of different types, of which the most celebrated is the 1878 8 TF Morgan Dollar. From this emerged a type variation from an early design blunder of portraying the eagle with eight tail feathers, which was subsequently adjusted to the correct number of seven. 

Both the 8 TF and the 7/8 TF versions in any given collection are highly sought after since they represent the early stages of the mint as well as its changes. Another charming type of coin is the 1880/79-CC Overdate Morgan Dollar I. The original date on the coin was overlaid with the new one. 


The quality level, or what many collectors call ‘grade,’ of each of your 50 piece Morgan dollar set vastly determines its worth and desirability. While there is a lag that exists for coins that may be categorized as Poor (P-1) to Perfect Uncirculated (MS-70), the higher-grade coins cost more. When you have collected the important dates or varieties, it is suggested that you buy only the best coins within your reach. 

Circulated Mint State coins that do not bear any ring of usage are often given high regard in the market. Coins that are certified and encapsulated by agencies such as PCGS or NGC are much more palpable, as they assure you that the coins being bought are genuine and of premium quality. This is why one should invest in certified coins.


The intention of assembling this Morgan Dollar Set and reaching for the set of fifty pieces is not merely a passion; it is an investment in the creation of a legacy. Every one of them symbolizes another chapter in America’s history: from the mints of Philadelphia and the handleSubmitting new hub of San Francisco to the storied Carson City Mint.

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