Mastering the Art of Shooting With a Side Charging AR-15 Upper

Mastering the Art of Shooting With a Side Charging AR-15 Upper

Have you ever wanted to improve your shooting skills?

A side charging AR-15 upper might be what you need. Unlike traditional charging handles, side chargers offer easier and quicker use, especially under pressure.

This guide is here to help you master shooting with a side charging AR-15 upper. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, you’ll find tips and tricks to enhance your accuracy, speed, and overall performance.

Get ready to take your shooting to the next level!

Familiarize Yourself with the Mechanism

Before you start shooting, it’s crucial to understand how a side charging AR-15 upper works. Unlike the rear charging handles most shooters are used to, side charging handles are located on the side of the rifle. This position allows for quicker and more efficient charging of the rifle, especially when you’re using a scope.

First, make sure your firearm is safe and unloaded. Then, practice charging it with the side handle. Feel the motion and get used to the mechanism.

When choosing a complete AR15 upper, consider one with a side charging feature for this added efficiency. Spend time familiarizing yourself with this setup to enhance your shooting skills.

Stance is Key

To shoot accurately with a side charging AR-15 upper, your stance matters a lot. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, facing your target squarely. This position gives you stability and balance.

If you’re right-handed, your left foot should be slightly forward. For lefties, it’s the other way around. Speaking of lefties, a left handed AR15 upper can make a big difference. It puts the charging handle on the side that’s more natural for you, making it easier to use.

Keep your body relaxed but ready, and hold the rifle firmly. A good stance is the foundation of accurate shooting, so practice until it feels second nature.

Breath Control

Breath control is a game-changer when you’re shooting. Here’s a simple rule to follow: breathe in, breathe out, pause, then shoot.

This pause is your sweet spot because your body is super steady. It might feel weird at first, but with practice, it’ll become second nature.

Remember, don’t hold your breath for too long, or you’ll start shaking, and that’s no good for hitting your target. Keep your breathing even and controlled.

This technique helps a lot, especially when you’re trying to shoot accurately with a side charging AR-15 upper. Give it a try next time you’re at the range!

Sight Alignment and Sight Picture

Getting your sight alignment and sight picture right is crucial for hitting your target, especially with a side charging AR15 upper. Sight alignment is about lining up your front and rear sights perfectly.

For the sight picture, you make sure the aligned sights focus on your target. Imagine drawing a straight line from your eye through the sights to the target.

With a side charging AR15 upper, it’s easy to keep your focus and re-engage quickly after each shot. Practice this by aiming at a specific point and checking if your sights are lined up right. Doing it over and over again will improve your accuracy a ton!

Trigger Discipline

Trigger discipline is key to shooting accurately with a side charging AR-15 upper. Always keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot. This helps prevent accidents and improves your focus.

When it’s time to shoot, gently squeeze the trigger; don’t pull it hard. A smooth press reduces movement and helps keep your aim steady. Practice this by dry firing (with an unloaded gun) to get the feel of it.

Remember, quick shots can be missed, so take your time to aim well. Good trigger discipline means you control when and how the gun fires, making your shots more accurate and safe.

Dry Fire Practice

Dry fire practice is a great way to sharpen your shooting skills without using live ammo. First, make sure your AR-15 is unloaded and pointed in a safe direction.

Then, take your usual shooting stance, aim at a target, and pull the trigger. This helps you get used to your rifle’s trigger pull and improve your aim.

It’s also a good time to work on your stance, breath control, and sight alignment without the distraction of recoil. You can do this at home, which means you can practice more often. Remember, safety first! Always double-check that your gun is unloaded before starting dry fire practice.

Live Fire Drills

Now it’s time to put what you’ve learned into action with live fire drills. Start by setting up targets at different distances. Focus on using a firm stance, controlling your breathing, and aligning your sights just like you practiced.

Begin with slow, single shots to get the feel of the recoil. Then, gradually increase your speed as you become more confident. Remember, accuracy is more important than speed, so take your time to aim well.

Practice reloading quickly while keeping your eyes on the target to make the most of your side charging AR-15 upper. These drills will boost your shooting accuracy and confidence, making you a better shooter.

Maintenance and Care

Regular maintenance and care are key to keeping your side charging AR-15 upper in top shape. Get an AR15 upper parts kit, as it includes everything you need. Start by cleaning your gun after each use.

First, make sure it’s unloaded. Then, take it apart according to the manual. Use the tools in your kit to clean each part.

Pay special attention to the bolt and chamber, as they get dirty quickly. Lubricate the moving parts lightly after cleaning to prevent rust.

Also, check for wear and tear. Replace any worn parts from your kit to keep your gun safe and accurate. Remember, taking good care of your AR-15 ensures it will work well every time you shoot.

Using a Side Charging Ar-15 Upper Can Make You a Great Shooter

Getting awesome with a side charging AR-15 upper is about practicing and knowing your gear. With the right moves, like having a strong stance and calm breathing, you’ll hit your targets like a pro.

Don’t forget, taking care of your side charging AR-15 upper means it’s always ready for action. Keep practicing, and you’ll improve fast!

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