How MMS APIs are Transforming Marketing Campaigns

How MMS APIs are Transforming Marketing Campaigns

MMS marketing is allowing marketers to create more engaging marketing campaigns. Rich media and reliable delivery mean marketers get improved visibility for their marketing efforts while increasing campaign engagement.

What Is MMS?

Text messaging first arrived in the United States three decades ago. In 2021, mobile phone users in the US alone sent over two trillion text messages. It is estimated that by 2027, text messaging will rise to 2.8 trillion messages each year.

MMS is an abbreviation for the term “multimedia messaging service.” The multimedia aspect of the message means that it can include video, audio, and image files. MMS messages include any text that has links to websites or emojis.

Text messaging is an effective marketing tool because more than 90% of people will open a text message within a few minutes of receiving it. This means that MMS messaging is a media-rich style of communication that creates unique opportunities for businesses looking to find new clients and engage existing customers. MMS is different from SMS because MMS has more capabilities that can be tweaked to a company’s or campaign’s needs.

What Is an API?

An API, or application programming interface, is a software intermediary facilitating interaction between two applications. It enables seamless communication and data exchange between different software systems. Common instances of APIs include those found in mobile payment apps, rideshare services, and smart thermostat applications.

When utilizing an app with an API, your device connects to the internet to transmit data to a server. The server processes the data, executes the requested action, and returns relevant information to your phone. The application on your phone then presents the received data in an understandable format.

APIs have gained immense significance in marketing and various communication channels, forming a substantial portion of many businesses’ revenue streams. This phenomenon has given rise to the term “API economy.”

Using MMS Messaging With APIs in Marketing

Using a MMS API allows marketers to drive engagement using media-rich messages. Marketers can go beyond simple text messages to include content like GIFs, video, audio, etc.

As texts get more color with MMS, sending promotions, videos, or audio gets more exciting. Marketers can go from just telling to showing. This allows them to break through the noise of the constant flood of text messages people receive and drive conversions.

There is a cost-saving benefit as well. Whether a person sends a text with one character or a thousand, sending individual text messages costs the same. Combining MMS messaging and API technology allows marketers to get more creative while staying within their budget. Additionally, MMS messages can be sent using the marketer’s existing numbers, including toll-free numbers.

Exploring Other Benefits of MMS Marketing

MMS marketing enables companies to directly interact with a customer’s phone without requiring them to download an app. This certainty ensures that marketers’ messages reach the intended destination.

With a 98% open rate, surpassing the 20% available rate of emails, MMS messages yield a higher return on investment. Crafting marketing messages with the assurance that customers will see them significantly increases the likelihood of a positive response.

The click-through rate for MMS messages stands at 15%, translating to more conversions. This rate is astounding, especially compared to the 3% to 5% click-through rate considered exceptional for an email campaign.

Since more than 90% of MMS messages are read within minutes, they can effectively disseminate temporary codes, limited-time offers, or time-sensitive promotions. For instance, a restaurant could send out food promotions at 11 AM for an offer between noon and 1 PM, with the confidence that a substantial portion of the message recipients will receive and potentially act on the promotion.

Harnessing the Power of MMS and API

Combining the power of MMS and API allows marketers to create fully customized messages tailored to their audience and their audience’s communication needs. This includes completely flexible changing font, color, and textures to emphasize certain words and improve engagement. Marketing companies and businesses that harness the power of MMS messaging and API add flexibility and versatility to their communication style while increasing the chances that customers will see what they produce and send.

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