From Basic to Bold: Exploring 9 Lanyard Design Trends for Trade Shows

From Basic to Bold: Exploring 9 Lanyard Design Trends for Trade Shows

Attention all trade show enthusiasts and lanyard lovers! Are you ready to take your lanyard game from basic to bold? Look no further. We have curated a list of must-see lanyard design trends that are perfect for trade shows.

These stylish and functional neck accessories are a crucial element for any trade show. Get ready to explore the cutting-edge lanyard fashion and discover the secrets to making a lasting impression on potential clients and partners.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the world of lanyard design and elevate your trade show presence like never before!

1. Vibrant Colors

Gone are the days of plain and dull lanyards; now, exhibitors are opting for eye-catching and energetic hues to make their lanyards stand out amongst the sea of other marketing materials. The use of vibrant colors such as neon shades or bright tones not only grabs attention but also adds a fun and youthful touch to the lanyards. Vibrant colors can also be used to represent a brand’s personality or convey a particular message.

This makes them a powerful tool for marketing at trade shows. Incorporating vibrant colors into lanyards has become a popular choice as it adds visual appeal and makes a bold statement that draws in potential customers.

2. Unique Materials

In a sea of traditional polyester lanyards, companies are looking for ways to stand out and make a lasting impression on potential customers. One way to achieve this is by choosing unconventional materials for their lanyards such as the following:

  • bamboo
  • cork
  • or even recycled ocean plastic

These materials not only catch the eye, but they also showcase a company’s commitment to sustainability and innovation. With unique materials, lanyards can become a conversation starter and a memorable giveaway. This makes them a valuable asset for any trade show booth.

3. Customization Options

Customization options for lanyards have become a popular trend in the world of trade shows, particularly for name tags. With the rise of personalization and event branding, companies are seeking unique ways to stand out and leave a lasting impression on attendees. Lanyards offer the perfect opportunity to showcase a company’s logo, slogan, or even individual names.

By allowing for customization, businesses can create a sense of exclusivity and professionalism. This makes their name tags and brand image more memorable. From different colors, materials, and printing techniques, the possibilities for lanyard design customization are endless, making it a must-have for any successful trade show.

4. Environmentally Friendly Options

This design trend is becoming popular as more and more companies are making efforts to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. Lanyards made from recycled materials, such as organic cotton or bamboo, are being utilized to reduce waste and support green initiatives. Besides, lanyards with detachable or reusable components, such as breakaway clips or badge holders, are gaining popularity as they can be used for many events.

This minimizes the need for single-use lanyards. This environmentally friendly approach showcases a company’s commitment to the environment. It also resonates with environmentally-conscious consumers and trade show attendees.

5. Multi-Functional Features

These lanyards not only serve as a means to display ID badges and hold keys, but they also offer extra features such as the following:

  • pockets
  • retractable reels
  • and cell phone holders

This allows attendees to carry many items without having to juggle them separately. Moreover, the incorporation of USB ports, chargers, and even hand sanitizers into lanyards makes them a practical and innovative accessory for trade show attendees. With these multi-functional features, lanyards have become more than a simple accessory, but an essential tool for the modern trade show attendee.

6. QR codes and USB Ports

These features not only add a modern touch to the design but also offer practicality and convenience for attendees. The QR code can be scanned by a smartphone. It will direct visitors to the company’s website, social media pages, or even a virtual business card.

On the other hand, the USB port allows for easy access to the following:

  • important documents
  • presentations
  • or brochures

This ends the need for clunky handouts. This trend not only elevates the aesthetic of lanyards but also enhances the trade show experience for both attendees and exhibitors.

7. Geometric and Abstract Patterns

These patterns feature a variety of shapes, lines, and colors that create an eye-catching and modern look. The clean and bold designs of geometric and abstract patterns add a professional and high-quality touch to lanyards, making them a perfect accessory for showcasing your brand at trade shows.

These designs also allow for a unique and customizable look, making it easy to incorporate your company’s logo and colors into the pattern. With their contemporary and appealing style, geometric and abstract patterns are sure to make a statement and attract attention at any trade show.

8. Metallic Accents

Metallic accents have been a popular design trend for trade show lanyards in recent years. These lanyards feature shiny metallic elements, such as gold or silver hardware, to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the look. The metallic accents can also help draw attention to the lanyard and make it stand out among the sea of other lanyards at a trade show.

Additionally, these accents can be customized with company logos or branding, making them a great way to promote a business or product. With their sleek and modern aesthetic, metallic-accented lanyards are sure to make a statement at any trade show.

9. Bold Typography

This design concept utilizes eye-catching and attention-grabbing fonts to make a statement. With the increasing number of exhibitors and vendors at trade shows, companies need to stand out and be memorable. Bold typography on lanyards can achieve this by showcasing the brand’s name or tagline appealingly.

This trend also allows for easy readability from a distance, making it easier for potential customers to identify and remember the brand. Additionally, bold typography lanyards can be customized with different colors and fonts to match the aesthetic of the company’s branding.

Explore Trade Show Lanyard Design Trends From Basic to Bold

The lanyard design trends for trade shows are evolving, and as seen in this article, there are plenty of creative and unique options to choose from. By incorporating these marketing trends, you can make a bold statement at your next trade show and stand out from the crowd.

Don’t hesitate to try out different designs and see which one best represents your brand and captures your attention. Elevate your trade show game and stay ahead of the competition by implementing these stylish and effective lanyard designs. 

Looking for more tips and advice? Make sure to bookmark our page and come back to check out more articles.

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