Customizing Cosmetic Solutions: Addressing Different Types of Hooded Eyelids

Customizing Cosmetic Solutions: Addressing Different Types of Hooded Eyelids

When it comes to beauty, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, especially when dealing with the unique challenges of different types of hooded eyelids. If applying eyeshadow feels like trying to paint on a secret hidden canvas or if eyeliner constantly disappears into a magical fold, you’re not alone!

Embracing our individual features can be a delightful adventure, and customizing cosmetic solutions is key to making sure our eyes pop in the best way possible. Ready to discover the secrets to enhance your mesmerizing eyes? Let’s dive in!


For monolids, focus on creating depth and definition. Use a darker eyeshadow shade on your lid and blend upwards towards your brow bone for dimension. Start with a neutral base and build intensity with a darker shade, blending well to avoid harsh lines.

Experiment with winged eyeliner or tight-lining to make your eyes appear wider. For a dramatic look, extend the wing beyond the outer corner or add shimmer to the center of your lid. Enhance your lashes with volumizing mascara or false lashes for extra oomph.

Double Eyelid

Commonly referred to as “Asian hooded eyelids,” this feature involves two visible creases on the upper eyelid, resulting in a wider appearance. It is prevalent among East Asian and Southeast Asian populations.

The objective of double eyelids is to accentuate the natural creases while creating a bright, open look. To achieve this, apply light-colored eyeshadows to the inner corners of your eyes and darker shades to the outer corners.

This contrast will highlight the double crease. Additionally, using shimmery or metallic eyeshadow on the lids can add an extra touch of sparkle.

Slightly Hooded

Focus on balancing the eye shape while keeping a natural look if your lids are a little droopy. Blend neutral colors toward your brow bone to make the change look smooth. Put a light base color all over the lid, then add depth with darker shades in the sides and make sure they mix well.

Put a thin line of white or brown eyeliner along your waterline to wake up your eyes and make them look bigger. Adding a little color to the inner corners of your eyes can make them look brighter and younger. Finally, use a good makeup to lift and define your eyelashes, which will bring out the shape of your eyes.


For those with ptosis, the goal is to create the illusion of lift and openness. Consider using eyeshadow shades that are slightly darker than your skin tone on the hooded area to create a shadow effect.

You can also experiment with lash extensions or lifting mascara to give the appearance of lifted eyelids. Avoid using heavy or thick eyeliner, as it can make the hooded area look even heavier.

If makeup techniques aren’t giving the desired results, it may be time to consider advanced solutions. For a lasting change, think about consulting a blepharoplasty surgeon. This procedure can correct drooping eyelids and create a more youthful look.

The Magic of Embracing Different Types of Hooded Eyelids

Understanding and accepting the special things about your eyes can be a life-changing process. With each type of closed eyelid comes a different set of ways to be creative with makeup.

By using makeup in a way that works for your eyelid type, you can bring out your natural beauty and boost your confidence. Go ahead and try out different goods and methods until you find the secret to embracing all the different types of hooded eyelids!

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