2 Adults And A Toddler Shot Dead In Dog Sale Dispute

2 Adults And A Toddler Shot Dead In Dog Sale Dispute

Police reported a shooting at an apartment complex in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday that left three people dead, including a toddler and 2 adults over a dog sale dispute. 

At around 10:00 p.m., officers were called to the apartments after complaints of gunfire in the 8800 block of A C Skinner Parkway, Assistant Chief J.D. Stronko said during a news conference on Sunday. 

As they got to the apartment, they discovered five victims — four adults, as well as the child — who “traveled to the apartments, possibly to conduct the private sale of a dog,” Stronko said.

“For reasons that are unknown to us at this time, a dispute ensued in a breezeway between two of the apartment buildings, resulting in four of the five individuals being shot,” he added.

“Of those individuals shot, three are now deceased. That includes the 3-year-old child who traveled there with them.”

I Get Talk reported that one of the adult victims hasn’t yet been identified, and the other two were in their 20s.

Rachel, a neighbor at the apartment complex, told News 4 Jax she “was laying in bed and heard the pop, pop, pop. It was five or six gunshots, and I heard screaming.”

“I was petrified for them,” she said. “I really don’t expect this to happen. You hear about gunshots, especially around Jacksonville but you don’t assume it’s going to happen in your backyard, especially in a safe neighborhood.”


Amber Alert For 9-Year-Old Girl In Asheboro Canceled

An Amber Alert for Kinzley Paige Hooper, a 9-year-old child, was rescinded minutes after it was issued on Monday.

An Amber Alert was sent out, and it was canceled 40 minutes later around 10 a.m.

The girl’s whereabouts and the reason the warning was withdrawn are being investigated by Simba Daily.

Hooper is a white person. She has a height of 4 feet and a weight of 80 pounds. She has blue eyes and blonde hair, and her most recent outfit was blue jean shorts and a black top with a cow on it.

Hooper was said to be in the company of white guy Darrell Milton Boyd, 60, who is 6 feet 1 inch tall and weighs 210 pounds. Boyd has dagger and bulldog tattoos on his left arm and back, along with short gray-brown hair and hazel eyes.

The two might be driving a tan Buick Rendezvous CX with North Carolina license plates TKL-3081. They were last spotted at 1019 Powhatan Avenue in Asheboro. On the back window of the SUV, there is a huge “cancer” sticker.

Although their route of travel was unknown, Stokes County was a possibility.

A call to the Asheboro Police Department at (336) 318-6927, 911, or *HP was requested immediately from anyone with information.

Last month, an Amber Alert was issued for for Hebe Zwart, a disabled 10-year-old girl who has gone missing with her caregiver.

Hebe Zwart was last seen on Monday afternoon in Raamsdonksveer, near Breda, Noord-Brabant, leaving a daycare facility in Sint Theresastraat.

She was reported missing by her mother after she failed to show up after school, along with her caregiver.

She is described as white with blond hair and blue eyes and has a distinctive gait caused by scoliosis, which causes her to walk with her feet pointing outwards.

According to the police, Hebe’s mother is extremely concerned, as her daughter needs constant care due to her condition. Due to her condition, her life is constantly at risk, as she needs to be checked on almost every time.

Hebe is said to have left the daycare facility in a black Kia Picanto with the registration PR-425-K, according to the authorities.

She was wearing a bright pink jacket, blue T-shirt, and black skirt, and carried a purple Eastpark rucksack.

Searches have been carried out between Raamsdonksveer and Vught. Police have asked people to be on the lookout for other routes in Noord-Brabant.

The Oost-Brabant police said on Twitter:

“All roads and waterways on and around the route between Raamdonksveer and Vught are being searched.”

A police helicopter is searching from the sky, and officers and volunteers are combing the ground and water.

Sanne picked Hebe up from the ortho-pedagogical day center ‘t Opstapje on Sint Theresiastraat in Raamdonksveer at around 3:00 p.m. on Monday to take her home to Vught.

Sanne was driving her Kia Picanto with registration number PR-425-K. They never made it to Hebe’s home in Vught.

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